Thursday, October 28, 2010

It's October!! Time for Cute Animals!!


Katrina here and it's OCTOBER!! I have volunteered twice this past week and the love for these animals keeps on growing. Each one is special in their own way and all deserve loving homes. And actually tonight while I was there one of the love dogs, Jake, was ADOPTED by a caring couple. I hope they love and care for him like all of us, volunteers and workers do. We all wish him the best of luck!! :)

SOOOOOO..... Since it is nearly the end of October we just got our CALENDERS IN!! They are being sold by C.A.R.E. and our summit group. They are $10.00 dollars a piece so contact me, Sarah, Anna, or Josie if you would like to buy one. All proceeds go to C.A.R.E. to help out the adorable dogs and cats they have. We have all looked at them and they are for the year 2011 so please help us and buy one!!! They're really cute and who doesn't love animal calenders.

ALSO.... Some of our calender events have changed. Since our calenders took longer than expected these will be sold all year up until we run out or people want more. In November, we will be making the blankets since it will be getting very cold and our pins will also be done. Sooooo we have a lot going on in November along with our social at APT 625-A.

That's it for now... and HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVERYONE!!!!!

----Katrina Kirn >:)


----- Katrina Kirn :)

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Month of October

This month was stressful and exciting all at the same time. There was sometimes trouble in the house and other times we were just all hanging out and having fun. More focused on C.A.R.E. though, I have been to facility and volunteered a few times. It is always fun I play with the cats on a Sunday mornings.Each cat wants more and more attention. They are always trying to escape from the crates just to be with you. I love it! I sometimes wish we could have animals in campus housing. This time I get to spend with the cats is a time when I feel relaxed. I come home after that time and feel like I really was doing some good for the day.

Earlier this month Anna and I went to an animal blessing. We went to a Methodist church and took one of the puppies that was currently at the shelter. We let the puppy run around with the other animals there, that were waiting in the parking lot to be blessed. We also had a booth set up to collect money for C.A.R.E. We collected only around $25, but any money counts when you are helping to save innocent lives. The Associate pastor then blessed the puppy and gave us a certificate to show that people care about animals and god does too.

We also finally got the C.A.R.E. calendars. IF ANYONE WANTS ONE LET US KNOW!!!!!! The first time that all four of us ever went to C.A.R.E. there was a cat named Midnight. The cat looked just like one of my cats that I have at home named Brutuss. All of the pictures that were featured in our Summit Park presentation I am with Midnight. It so happens that over the summer Anna adopted Midnight and now he has a loving home. However, I was surprised and excited to see that Midnight was featured in the calendar for one of the months. He looked so cute and healthy. The calendar shows animals that the shelter has saved, and those that have been adopted.

This year so far has been exciting and stressful, but hanging out with the cats at C.A.R.E. no matter how terrible my day is always makes me happy!

Monday, October 25, 2010

October Pics


Well it's the last week of October and we finally received our C.A.R.E. calendars. They are very cute. They only cost $10 and, of course, all proceeds go to C.A.R.E. If anyone is interested in purchasing one let Sarah, Anna, Katrina, or I know. We've had some delays in making the items we intended on for October, but November is a new month and we intend to get our projects into full swing, as well as our Summit Social. Since we didn't make the pins we had planned on for this month we have been trying to volunteer more to make up for it. We are attaching photos of some of our favorites animals at C.A.R.E. this month. We hope they inspire you all to help some of these precious animals.

Photos from October :)

October with CARE

Hello everyone, October has been a very long month, and I know that everyone is excited for halloween, myself included. I have done a couple things with CARE this month including volunteering a couple of times and participating in a fundraiser for CARE at Campbell United Methodist Church.

When I volunteer at CARE, I mostly walk dogs and chat with visitors to the adoption center. If I have extra time I also play with the cats and make sure all the animals have water and food. I go for two hour periods on Fridays from 1-3. It's a really enjoyable experience and I look forward to my volunteer shifts. I love walking in and seeing that a dog or cat that has been there for a couple months waiting for a home has finally been adopted, it definitely makes all the hard work that goes into this no kill shelter worth it.

Sarah and I went to a fundraiser for CARE at the Methodist church I mentioned above. They are located on east republic st. They were holding a "pet blessing" day, where the members of the congregation could bring their beloved pets to be blessed with good health for a year. There was quite a variety of pets present. There were tiny dogs to large grey hounds, a police dog named Raider, a small boy with his pet goat (so cute, the goat was tiny and he was walking it on a leash :)) and a lady with a pet skunk she was carrying around in her purse. We took a dog from CARE named barney, he was very well behaved for the most part, but wanted to play with all the dogs, including the larger ones who weren't so keen on being bothered by him. We took donations for CARE and gave out some litereature about them. The whole event took about two hours, and I would say it was a success.

I didn't really discuss why I chose summit, and why I wanted to work with CARE in my previous post. I chose summit because it would fulfill some of my requirements for the leadership program at Drury, and it seemed like a really good oppurtunity to get out in the community that I grew up in and offer some help. I was unsure about who I would be living with, but my roommates kind of fell into my lap one night at a mutual friend's house. We were all talking about how stressed we were trying to find roommates, when someone pointed out that we could all just live together. Thus, our summit group was created. I now live with three of my best friends, and they are making my sophmore year of college the best yet :)

We chose CARE because it is less known and smaller than many organizations in Springfield. They are also the only no-kill animal shelter in the area. I really love animals, probably more than people sometimes, so I knew that I wanted to help out in some way. They were very glad to recieve our help, and this year is going smoothly. Ive been in contact with Yoko Williams (the volunteer coordinator) and Kiersten Bagley (The new PR person for CARE) all year and we have been able to raise some money for CARE already.

So what's next for CARE? The calanders are FINALLY ready, so we will be collecting those and selling them for CARE. We are also making ribbons for animal welfare awareness. We will be selling both of those around campus and artwalk during November, so watch for those. All proceeds will go to CARE.


Monday, October 18, 2010

Month 1 at Summit

Hey all! This is Josie Yost. The first month of being in Summit has turned out great. It started out a little bumpy, but that's to be expected with four girls with different personalities. We've gotten used to each others habits and lifestyles now. I live with my three best friends and life doesn't get much better than that.

The way we decided on Summit was really random. Last year we knew each other, but we weren't very close. Katrina and I were friends and we just kind of knew Sarah and Anna. We were all at friends house one night and everyone was talking about how they needed to start thinking of housing for the next year. A mutual friend looked at the four of us and said, "Hey, why don't you all live together?" That was it. From then on it was decided. We researched places around Springfield that could use our help, called to different faculty members about advising us, and put a lot of time and effort into our presentation.

We chose to work with C.A.R.E. because they are small and less-known and they were very interested in having us help them and actually working with us in return. Thus far, everyone I have met at C.A.R.E. seems like good people and really committed to the rescue efforts. I hope we can help them as much as possible with this project.