Friday, March 11, 2011

Spring time!

Hello everyone! Spring break is almost here and I am ready to get this next week over with! Also, it is extremely beautiful outside and I don't want to be in class tonight :(

Since we didn't have any questions for our blog this time, I'm just going to fill you in on what we've been up to with CARE.

I've volunteered at CARE 6 hours so far, and that number will surely go up when the weather becomes nice and mobile adoptions are more common. So far when I've gone, Ive just been walking dogs and playing with the cats. Last two times that I've been there, there were a ton of a
Austrailian sheperd mix puppies that were 10 weeks old. SO CUTE! They were so soft and just wanted to sit on our laps and cuddle. There were a wide variety of dogs there also. I volunteered on tuesday and had to walk dogs in the rain and mud. It was miserable, but also fun :) all the dogs were so glad for some attention and loving, they didn't want to go back inside after playing for a while. I was definitely covered in mud when I returned to drury.

As for the project aspect of our volunteering, this month we are baking dog treats to take to CARE and give to the dogs. We just wanted to spend a little time bonding with the animals and staff, and do something kind of fun during these midterms.

Hopefully this month and spring break are amazing :) Have a great springbreak!!

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