Saturday, April 30, 2011


Hello everyone, I've been putting off writing my blog post, but better late than never!

This was the last full month of the semester, and I feel that our group has accomplished a lot for CARE. We have accomplished everything that we set out to do this semester, and we completed our last planned event for the year earlier this month.

As many people saw, we sold goodie bags for CARE this month in front of the FSC. We even had a staff person, Traci, from CARE come and participate in the fundraising. She brought a dog from CARE and it was a good time. I think we definitely raised some awareness for CARE through out campus.

The most difficult thing about volunteering with CARE is that we havent been able to have regular, scheduled volunteer hours, so its been hard to get all our hours in. Nevertheless, we have succeeded in raising close to $1000 for CARE this year, and we are all content with how our project turned out.

We don't really have another event scheduled, because it's the end of the year and everyone is busy with finals. But we are going to pass out flyers for a CARE event in July, and I plan to continue volunteering there through out the summer.

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