Monday, May 9, 2011

Last days of Summit...

What a year... I had so many experiences, met so many new people and had a great group who put a lot of work into our project. It was an awesome year in a lot of respects.

I believe that all that I learned about working in a group will help me immensely throughout my time here at Drury. I also learned that every group or organization that you work with will not be perfect, and you have to work around the challenges.

The greatest thing I learned from living in Summit Park... would probably be how to get the smoke detector to stop beeping when we're cooking something. My roommates and I had it down to less than 30 seconds I think :)

The impact I had on the community I feel was large. Our group not only raised awareness for CARE, but we also raised almost 1000 dollars for the organization. I think that if I had not had the chance to live here, I would not have been so involved at Drury and met so many awesome people. This year would have been more relaxing, but not as memorable. I have learned a lot from volunteering at CARE and being involved in putting on fundraisers.

If I could change something that happened this past year, I would have just started out with three people. Having someone who did not actually want to be here for the first half of the year really slowed us down and was a major stumbling block mid-year when she left. After we had that experience, we were able to do so much this semester. I wish that we had just started out with a dedicated team and never had to deal with the drama of someone leaving.

Advice to future Summit Groups:
Make sure that you can both LIVE and WORK with the people you choose. If someone in your group is not 100% sure they are ready to take on a project like this, then save yourself some trouble and pick someone else. You'll be glad you did.

All in all, even though there were some bumps in the road, I am soooo glad that I was able to have this oppurtunity. Thank you Drury!!


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